Second Session:Spring Scroll

The "Spring Scroll", which started in the end of 1992, had a tacit intention to move toward a more dynamic progression which might include a negation of the image given.

1.Image Emerge. First Step
Toshihiro Anzai

The first step was literally Anzai's own feet. Anzai processed the photography he had taken.

2.Happy New Year. Eat This Marx!
Rieko Nakamura

Feet of angel about to fall from Heaven. Here, Nakamura printed out the image andthen gave some strokes with brush and ink on the paper, and scanned it into her computer again.

3.On Fully Automatic Washing Machine and la Dexterite
Toshihiro Anzai

Beautiful blue portion was turned into a washing-machine-like whirlpool. A mesh spline transformation algorythm Anzai had developed is used. A woman, an inexperienced operator,is fascinated by the whirlpool.

4.Life is Fun Data
Rieko Nakamura

The whirlpool became a swimming pool.The woman lies on the lawn. The scattered numbers remained a mystery.

5. Pink Tape
Toshihiro Anzai

The numbers stirred up Anzai's imagination and invited more mysterious symbols. Later he found out that the numbers came from Nakamura's weight and blood pressure she measured at a fitness club.

6. Museum: Experimentation, Intellectualization, Cogitation
Rieko Nakamura

Imitating a CD-ROM menu. The first three images are the results of different color corrections. The last one was Nakamura's own face.

7.Dazzling Irregular Pulses
Toshihiro Anzai

In response to Nakamura's question, "Which do you like the best?", Anzai selected her hands.

8.Three Beauties, an Ace Up My Sleeve
Rieko Nakamura

The triangle turned into the Three Beauties. Conscious association to a theme is observed for the first time in the session.

9.Three Beautiful Deities Unveiled
Toshihiro Anzai

Anzai gave colors to the three gray beauties. Light-touch lines Nakamura had drawn around the beauties were carefully left unchanged.

10.Three Beauties, an Ace Up My Sleeve
Rieko Nakamura

Now Flora appeared, Influence of "Spring" by Botticelli IS evident.

11.The Birth of Venus. Of Unknown Parentage
Toshihiro Anzai

Anzai found a beautiful figure between two of the beauties. He expanded it, and gave the figure a smoother shape. Birth of Venus from an amorous parent.

12.The Image is Too Large for Its Frame
Rieko Nakamura

Venus shattered in the brightest light. Multiple photocopy process was applied in preparing the image. The title,"the image is too large for the frame." is taken from a standard alert message from a graphic system.

13.Nostalgic Awakening
Toshihiro Anzai

Flamboyant light turned into drousy morning light. Here,the human figure acquired a face .

14. PC > PC
Rieko Nakamura

The gloomy woman was taken out to a meadow. This image was sent directly from Nakamura's computer to Anzai's via telephone line (PC>PC), without going througha network.

15.I Saw the Yellow Horizon
Toshihiro Anzai

The yellow line changed into the horizon. Anzai added a woman gazing it. On eye of the woman reflects the face appeared in picture No.14.

16.The House of the Goldfish
Rieko Nakamura

Goldfish started swimming in the face. An eye was enlarged to cover the whole face, and then partly torn off. One can see the complicated processes behind the scene.

17.A Path Leading to the Sea
Toshihiro Anzai

Like people associate stars with constellations, the artists find different views in images during the session. A path leading to the beach was found in the tank.

18.King and Queen of the Moon
Rieko Nakamura

Two rabbit-like figures from picture No.17 now face each other.There lives a rabbit on the Moon,according to Japanese old tale. The "Spring Scroll" was concluded with a lunar fantasia.

Toshihiro ANZAI and Rieko NAKAMURA