photo by Tatsuya Yusa (1999)

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Computer Media Artist / Software Engineer

Born in Tokyo, 1956. Developed CG paint system software SuperTableau at Sapience Corp (1987). Interest in fusion of art and the net lead to the on-going release of projects such as Mandelnet (1986); Telmetier (1991); Renga (1992); and Ramblers (1993), a mathematical adaptation of cell automata.


1985     Selected for Nikkei CG Grand Prix
1986     Exhibition of International High Technology Arts Award
1994     Selected for SIGGRAPH'94 Art & Design Show 
1995     The Information-Culture Prize
              (JICS; Japan Information-Culture Society)
         Network Section Art Award Multimedia Grand  Prix '95
              (Multimedia Content Association of Japan)
1997     Selected and exhibited at Prix Ars Electronica'97 Interactive Category


1986    Planned/produced "Mandelnet 86" CG project
              Made work in Nishijin brocade using cell automata
1987    Developed SuperTableau CG paint system software
1988    Fractal algorithmic simulation of city growth (NHK TV Special)                  Developed SuperTableau Premium
1989    Developed educational paint software "Pansy"
              (Yamato-city, Kanagawa Prefecture)
        Developed paint system "Esquisse" (WaveTrain)
        Tepia "Meet at the AI", collaborative work
1991    Digital Image 1991, Ginza, Tokyo
        ArtArt '91, Ginza, Tokyo
        High Tech Art 1991, Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo
        Nikkei Communications cover-illustration (biweekly magazine)
1992    "Renga" network art series collaboration with Nakamura Rieko
        Imagina '92, Monte Carlo, Monaco
        Organized/chaired telecommunications network:
              "Conference room on computer graphics and copyright" (Masternet)
1993    Nakamura Rieko / Anzai Toshihiro "Renga" exhibition, Kobe
        A Life World, Tokyo / Osaka
        "Prometheus" (contemporary tempered steel artists), P3 Gallery, Tokyo
1994    Digital Landscape, Makuhari, Chiba
        "Virtual Renga", Imagina'94, Monte Carlo, Monaco
        "Dream of Orlando",  T-Brain Club/Tokyo International Museum
        Exhibited at SIGGRAPH'94 The Edge, Orlando, Florida
        "Ninohashi Renga",  NTT/ICC, Tokyo
        "Contemporary Alchemists Exhibition",  Yotsuya, Tokyo
        "Jinnan X'mas Renga", Tokyo (NHK/BS-2)
1995     Produced ShareART
          "The World of Nakamura Rieko & Anzai Toshihiro"  exhibition, Osaka Digital Gallery
         Released "Renga" on the web
         ICC-ISEA'95 International Renga session ,Montreal - Tokyo
         Visual Jazz '95, Osaka Digital Gallery 
1996     New Year's Renga (Kyodo News Service)
         Renga in Beijing, Vision Quest 1996, Beijing
         Produced network art theater "Rengei-Za"
1997     Renga "pas de deux"
         Aoba Renga
         Global Renga 1997 (Japan Telecom)
         Developed internet paint system "Moppet" (NTT)
         Developed "Face Synthesizer"
1998     Count down 21 renga (Asahi News Paper)
         Designed and developed  "TheWall" internet paint system
         InterWall Renga
         Tactile Renga
         Developed "ekotoba" pictographic communication system (NTT)
         Developed "Magic Kepler" Paint System on Planetarium Dome (NTT)
1999     Heart Exhibition, Bunkamura, shibuya (NHK)
         Developed "Hair Tinting Simulator" (kao)
         Tactile Renga2
@@@@ Ekotoba Renga, Tokyo Univ.
         Designed "Speech Ballon" and "Connected Gardens" distributed collaborative sysytem for network community (DVL)
2000     Designed "InterWall" distributed collaborative paint sysytem (IPA)
         Developed internet paint system "Inter Dune"
2001     Canon Today (illustration)
         SimTint (hair color tinting simulator "SimTint" (Kao) 
2002     Designed "Cambrian Game" 
         Developed "Cambrian Garden" 
2003     Developed "Tabula Pixema" Genetic Painting System
         Exhibition "face-poiesis" NTT/ICC, Tokyo


1986    "Personal Computer Graphics" (Bijutsu-Shuppan Publishing)
1987    "Turbo Graphics" (co-author, JICC Publishing)
1991     Co-conceived / published "Telemetier" art magazine
1995     Published "Renga" CD-ROM
1995     visual essays "CrossTalk",  monthly magazine "CAPE-X" (ASCII Corp.)
2004    "Media Practice" (co-auther, Serica Publishing)