. . . like scenes from a car window, one association calling forth
another, strung together . . .

Renga (lit. linked image) is computer graphic artwork exchanged over the 
Net. It is a collaborative creative system in which new works are 
developed by "quoting" from or adding directly to a partner's work. Renga 
was jointly conceived in 1992 by Toshihiro Anzai and Rieko Nakamura. 

Anzai and Nakamura's appeal: "like scenes from a car window, one 
association calling forth another, strung together--enjoy the previous 
artist's theme." Five artists from countries around the globe supported 
the proposal, and starting in Hong Kong, one artist/one work, the project 
made its way through five countries. 

Data was still image,1024*1024 pixels max, full color (TIFF or Jpeg) e 
mailed from one artist to the next as an "attachment" file via the 
Internet. The seven-person collaborative session was realized in a mere 
20 days.

The session represents Anzai and Nakamura's long awaited "global 
collaboration." It also celebrates the merger of Japan Telecom and ITJ 
(International Telecom Japan) and will simultaneously be introduced in 
the October 1 issue of Japan Telecom's PR magazine "Heartbeat."

Translated by: Pamela Virgilio
Holly Lee (Hong Kong),Toshihiro Anzai (Japan), Lee Ka-sing (Hong Kong),Barbara Nessim
(the United States),Pascal Schmitt(France), Andrea Zapp(Germany),Rieko Nakamura (Japan)

(C) Holly Lee,Toshihiro Anzai ,Lee Ka-sing ,Pascal Schmitt,Barbara Nessim, Andrea Zapp and Rieko Nakamura

Presented by: Japan Telecom Co., Ltd.("Japan Telecom")
With the cooperation of: SO-OH Co., Ltd
Planning :Rieko Nakamura & Toshihiro Anzai
Coordination: Yumi Yaginuma